Our Photographers

Jayanta Roy

Jayanta Roy was born near Kolkata in 1982, and growing up surrounded by nature had a profound impact on his work as a photographer. He graduated from Calcutta University, and is a self-taught photographer focusing mostly on nature and people, especially in the Himalayan region.

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Abhishek Hajela

Abhishek Hajela is a Delhi-based professional travel and documentary photographer. He has received the prestigious Nikon World Photography Award in the Emerging Talent Category, and his work has been featured in renowned digital and print publications including National Geographic, The Lonely Planet India, Outdoor Photographer (US), The Hindustan Times, Mail Today, HT Mint Lounge, and Air India Magazine. His project “The Naga Sadhus – Naked Saints” was shortlisted by the National Geographic All Roads Photography Program. Abhishek’s work has been shown at the Indian Photography Festival in Hyderabad, the Indian Society of Arts - JPD gallery in Vienna, and the National Centre for Performing Arts in Mumbai.

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Sumer Verma

Sumer Verma is one of India’s most experienced scuba diving instructors, and has brought hundreds of people into the ocean through diving. His underwater photography brings the ocean into the lives of many more. The vibrant world beneath the sea has inspired and shaped his life and work for nearly two decades, taking him across oceans, from the Lakshadweep Archipelago and the Andaman Islands to the Maldives, Indonesia and the Galapagos Islands. He uses a DSLR camera with specially designed underwater housing and submersible strobes, but his biggest asset is his deep understanding of the liquid medium and animal behavior in the ocean. Sumer has completed assignments for publications and organisations ranging from National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveller and Greenpeace to underwater fashion editorials for Vogue, and even sequences for feature films. He is also actively involved with ReefWatch Marine Conservation to educate young people and raise awareness about marine issues.

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Arjun Gupta

Arjun Gupta traces his passion for wildlife photography to a childhood interest in animals, as well as an Agfa camera he bought at the age of 12. After a few years of enjoying the results of analogue photography, he took a break from a medium, returning to it only a decade ago. A visit to Ndutu and the Serengeti with two experienced photographers, Aditya Dicky Singh and Jayanand Govindraj, rekindled his former interest which he continues to practice today. When he is not in the jungle, he works as a self-employed financial advisor and plays golf on the weekends.

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Sundeep Bhatia

Sundeep Bhatia grew up in Mumbai, and has been taking photographs since his childhood. He has a keen eye, and is a collector of art and all things beautiful. His photographic pursuits are inspired by his travels, and include landscape, wildlife and street photography, among others. As a self-taught and passionate photographer, he has developed the skills to capture the perfect moment. Sundeep is the CEO of Language, a software company he started in 1996, and is currently based in Mumbai.

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Kunal Gupta

Kunal Gupta was born in New Delhi in 1983. While he has pursued the well-worn path of studying engineering and an MBA and subsequently working in the corporate sector, his real passion has always been exploration. For him, photography has become a means to chronicle these explorations and capture the complex and nuanced world we live in. Kunal, now an award-winning freelance photographer, has had his work featured in over 20 photography and travel publications including National Geographic, Lonely Planet, and Better Photography, as well as at numerous international art exhibitions.

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Neha Brackstone Photography

The wildlife in Africa inspired Neha Basu to buy her first DSLR. Delving into photography, she was amazed by how little she was aware of the world around her when her eye was fixed to the camera. She now photographs weddings and families of people she has never met before, and enjoys the experience of connecting with strangers. She also enjoys the thrill and adventure of travel photography. Over the last ten years, Neha has come to think of photography as akin to meditation – it helps her to feel focused and calm, and she loses track of time.

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Vivek Nayyar

Vivek Nayyar is an advertising and marketing professional who discovered his love for nature and wildlife when he visited the Kanha National Park in 2010. Though he was disappointed with the photographs he took with his point-and-shoot camera on this trip, he pursued his interest in photography. Over the next few years, he invested in a DSLR and attended a photography course at the Xavier Institute of Communications in Mumbai, followed by two workshops with Aditya “Dicky” Singh. Vivek spends long weekends in various tiger reserves in India, and his longer vacations are devoted to mountain climbing. He reached the Everest Base Camp in November 2017, and plans to climb the K2 Base camp in 2019.

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Sunaina Patel

Sunaina Patel was born in Mumbai in 1973. She completed her Bachelor’s in Economics from Oberlin College in 1996 and obtained an MBA from INSEAD in 2000. She began her career as a management consultant in 2000, and is currently an entrepreneur running a children’s clothing brand. Her passion is street photography, and she enjoys capturing moments of everyday life, human emotions and storytelling.

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Cyril Kuhn

Cyril Kuhn was born in Dehradun in 1990. After graduating with a degree in Philosophy from St. Stephens College, New Delhi, in 2012, he completed a Diploma in Professional Digital Photography from the Light and Life Academy, Ooty, in 2014. He received The Citizen's Young Talent of the Year Award in 2016, which sponsored his maiden solo exhibition, Into the Darkness, at the India International Centre, New Delhi. He feels passionately about reclaiming the night sky and dreams of the day when India will have its own designated Dark Sky Area.

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Kane Lew

Born in Mumbai in 1974, Kane Lew is an arts graduate from the Sir J J Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai, and worked in several designing firms from 2000 to 2017. He is a professional photographer and artist who loves shooting wildlife and nature, especially landscapes, birds and macro photography. He has travelled extensively across India. He lives and works in Mumbai.

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Ishita Dharnidharka

Born and raised in Mumbai, Ishita stumbled upon her love for photography four years ago while on a trek to the base camp of Mount Everest. Today, she is a freelance travel and lifestyle photographer based in Mumbai. She spends her time shooting food and interiors in the city, and exploring travel and adventure photography as a social media influencer on Instagram. She gravitates towards the Himalayas often, because the mountains will always remain her muse.

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