About StoryLTD Prints

StoryLTD Prints, an initiative by Saffronart, aims to increase engagement and provide access to great photography and art through affordable prints. It also serves as a platform for photographers to showcase and sell their work.

Our goal through this e-commerce platform is to amplify the representation of photography in the market, as well as to bring the work of photographers from the Indian subcontinent to a wider audience. StoryLTD Prints aims to highlight our heritage, contemporary culture, nature and wildlife through photography.

We do this by offering high-quality, open edition photographic prints by professional photographers as well as talented hobbyists. The photographs featured on StoryLTD Prints span themes from nature and landscapes, wildlife and underwater scenes to portraits, travel and conceptual photography. Our prints can be ordered in a variety of sizes, materials and frames, allowing you to curate the perfect collection to adorn the walls of your home, office or restaurant.



Founded in 2000, Saffronart is a leading international auction house, and India’s most reputed, with over two hundred auctions to its credit. At the forefront of selling Indian art, Saffronart has, over the past 18 years, held online and live auctions, exhibitions, and Dialogues in Art, working with collectors, gallerists and artists to develop a strong market for art, photography, antiquities, jewellery, furniture and design. Saffronart’s services go beyond auctions to include private sales, appraisals and valuations for clients.


StoryLTD by Saffronart

Launched in 2013, StoryLTD (pronounced “Story Limited”) is a shopping and auction platform catering to our customers’ unique sense of style and aesthetics. As a service of Saffronart, India’s leading auction house, we bring years of expertise to conducting online auctions.